organic full spectrum CBD topicals


Organic, full spectrum HEMP EXTRACT topicals for the athlete in EACH of us.


Our Story

As life-long athletes — runners, triathletes, skiers, bikers, SUrfers and college volleyball players— we’ve developed our share of aches and pains over the years. The best relief we’ve found was from full spectrum HEMP EXTRACT. We couldn’t find a product line that had a high-quality EXTRACT in the right concentration or blended with the purest organic ingredients — we were looking for something we’d feel comfortable sharing with our own families and friends. And from that, Hatshe came to be.


Our Name

OUR name (pronounced hat - SHē ) was initially inspired by the Egyptian Pharaoh Hatshepsut. Many accounts list her as the first “great” woman of record. We like a strong woman. She was known for her many building projects and her vision for the future. We both come from the world of design and construction -we’ve built things, too- and feel this has given us an incomparable attention to detail. Aside from that, as female entrepreneurs, we are building something every day too - something we can be proud to share with you. We all wear many hats as wives, moms, sisters, employees and employers which, not coincidentally, lives in the name, too.


Our Mission

We make organic creams, salves and oils with a special combination of ingredients - including full spectrum HEMP EXTRACT - to soothe inflammation and ease pain for active bodies

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